Why Are Ants Attracted to Coffee Makers?

Coffe machine

Ants are attracted to warm, dark spaces, and during the summer especially, they can often be found in the kitchen. Finding ants in your appliances is not unusual and can lead to damage within the electrical boards. But what attracts … Read More

How To Naturally Eradicate Ants

Ants in kitchen

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with ants knows how big of a nuisance they can be. A colony of these insects can damage some parts of your house, and some species are known to bite humans. Luckily, eradicating ants … Read More

Why Do Ants Enter Houses?

Ants on kitchen top

There are billions of ants in this world. Ants can live anywhere except Antarctica, simply because it’s too cold there — ants generally thrive in temperatures between 23°C and 35°C (73.4°F and 95°F) because they’re cold-blooded, so they need the … Read More

Pavement Ants – A Quick Guide

Pavement ant

Pavement ants, Tetramorium immigrans, are originally from Europe but since introduced into North America. They are also known as immigrant ants. They are small ants, only measuring about 0.3 cm in length. How did the pavement ant get its name? … Read More

Black Carpenter Ants – A Quick Guide

Black carpenter ant

Black carpenter ants, Camponotus pennsylvanicus, are found across North America. How did the carpenter ant get its name? They nest inside wood. Named after their behavior of chewing into wood to create their nests they are regarded as pests by … Read More