Tiger Beetles – A Quick Guide

Tiger beetle

What is a tiger beetle? Tiger beetles are a group of beetles known for their slender legs, bulging eyes, and threatening looking jaws. There are over 2,600 species of this insect found worldwide but are mostly associated with southeast Asia. … Read More

Goliath Beetles – A Quick Guide

Goliath Beetle

The Goliath beetle, Goliathus goliatus, is found across central Africa. It is a type of scarab beetle. Are Goliath beetles heavy? They are one of the heaviest beetles. Goliath Beetles take their name after the biblical figure – large and … Read More

Titan Beetles – A Quick Guide

Titanus giganteus

The Titan beetle, Titanus giganteus, is found is the South American rainforest. It is a type of longhorn beetle. Are titan beetles big? They are one of the largest beetles. The name ‘titan’ refers to an exceptionally large-sized being – … Read More

Wasp Beetles – A Quick Guide

Wasp Beetle

The wasp beetle, Clytus arietis, is found in Northern Europe. They are a type of longhorn beetle. How did the wasp beetle get its name? The Wasp Beetles get their name from their mimicry of a wasp. They are not … Read More